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Automatic Sprinklers In A Nutshell.

Automatic Sprinkler Systems Explained In A Nutshell

Sprinkler Daddy's Sean Stefan explains in a nutshell how an automatic underground sprinkler system is installed.  If you can visualize how an automatic sprinkler system works, and what's involved in the process of installing an underground sprinkler system, you might be able to think about installing a sprinkler system yourself.

Tips from the video:

The first thing you’ll want to do is start at the house.  The water comes outside through the lawn service taps and you’ll need to screw that out and screw in the Sprinkler Daddy House Connection.

From the house connection, a pipe will run into the ground and into the swivel manifold system.  The swivel manifold system branches off into the different zones in your system, flowing through the automatic valves.

The valves need to be wired back to your sprinkler control timer using multi-strand wire.  One wire from each valve plus the white ground wire from the multi-strand wire gets connected together with a large waterproof wire connector.  The remaining strand on each valve gets paired up with a strand from the multi-strand wire and connected with a small waterproof wire connector.

The multi-strand wire runs back to your control timer and you’ll match each strand of the wire to a zone on the timer.  The ground wire also gets connected to the timer.


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