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Sprinkler Daddy - Do it yourself sprinkler systems  Sprinkler Daddy Says:  "Blu is the new black"

You can still get poly pipe and Turnseal fittings from us at Sprinkler Daddy, but now we also carry a new line of irrigation pipe and fittings that is going to make the installation process even easier for you.

Blu-Lock by Hydro-Rain is a new pipe and fitting system that fits over top of the pipe instead of inside the pipe.  The fittings use stainless steel teeth to grab onto the pipe, so all you have to do is push the pipe in and go.

The first video demonstrates how much faster Blu-Lock pipe and fittings are compared to poly pipe or PVC:


Now that you've seen how much faster Blu-Lock is, I'll talk about a few of the features that makes the Blu-Lock pipe and fitting system so great in the videos below:





So now all that's left to do is request your free quote!

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