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Drip Irrigation > Dura-Flo Dripper Line - 6" Spacing x 100'
Dura-Flo Dripper Line - 6" Spacing x 100'

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Prod. Code: DRSFJRBL0601

 Dura-Flo Jr 1/4" Dripper line is a snap to install. It comes with 6" spacing and gives precise watering just where you need it. With its turbulent flow and internal self cleaning features it's remarkably clog resistant! Maximum individual run length with 6" spacing is 19 feet. This allows about 12 lengths on 1/2" main line poly tubing, assuming no other water outlets from the main line.  The flow rate can be controlled based on amount of pressure on the line. Don't worry about which way to attach the line. It can be installed with the water flow in either direction!

Using a 1/4" barbed connector, you can install the dripper line directly into the 1/2" main line poly tubing. If plants are located a distance away from the main line, use the 1/4" drip feeder tubing to reach the location then attach the dripper line with another barbed connector. Use barbed elbows and tees to split runs and turn corners. To close the end of the line, use a handy Goof Plug.