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Valves & Manifolds > Hydro-Rain HRZ100 Automatic Valve - Drip Control Zone - 30 PSI Regulator
Hydro-Rain HRZ100 Automatic Valve - Drip Control Zone - 30 PSI Regulator

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Price: $102.99
Prod. Code: HYR02110

HRZ100 stands in the market with no equal as the industry’s first “one piece” low flow irrigation zone valve, filter, and regulator combination—so compact that it fits in a 6" round valve box!! On the outside HRZ100 moves away from the competitions traditional plastic construction, to a statement of strength and durability featuring commercial ready glass-filled nylon. Inside, HRZ100 can handle water flow as low as 0.1 G.P.M. and pressure to 120 PSI. This models includes a 30 P.S.I. pressure regulation and 200 mesh filter. HRZ100 comes “drip-ready” with a .700 – .710 adapter for a quick and easy, out of the box, installation.

Download the spec sheet by clicking here.

Features and Benefits

    • One-piece construction combines low flow irrigation valve, 200 mesh filter, and pressure regulator-effectively reducing installation time and parts inventory.
    • Accessibility. “Jar-Top” valve, and filter are easily maintained, no tools required for service; no valve bonnet screws or bolts to drop into the mud.
    • Internal manual bleed. Operate HRZ100 manually with no external bleed stream or use external bleed option for effective “blow out” during seasonal system shut down.
    • Compact. HRZ100 is easily covered in a 6" round valve box and up to four will sit nicely in a standard size box.
    • 1" Low-flow valve. HRZ100 operates efficiently from 0.1 to 5 G.P.M. perfect for residential or light commercial drip or micro watering.
    • Water management. HRZ100 features pressure regulation at 20, 30, or 40 P.S.I. applicable in a range of low flow applications. (This product is the 30 P.S.I. model).
    • Filtration. Removable “top loaded” 200 mesh filter with easy-flush service cap makes flushing fast and simple.
    • Drip Tubing Ready. .700 – .710 tubing adapter included for quick and easy out of the package installation.
    • Stainless Steel metering design ensures optimal diaphragm performance.
    • Durable glass-filled nylon construction for years of reliable operation.