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Hyrdro-Rain 4' Adjustable Nozzle

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Price: $3.58
Prod. Code: HYR04100

4' Adjustable Arc Spray Nozzle w/ Filter Screen With Hydro-Rain®'s HRN 200 adjustable-arc nozzles, you can simplify your work without sacrificing quality or functionality. How? For starters, each is adjustable from 0°—360° so you don't have to carry a variety of nozzles with different arcs and waste your time finding just the right one. Plus, all HRN 200s are conveniently color-coded to indicate their particular spray radiuses. And, thanks to the easy-to-grip, coin-edge design on the top of the nozzle, adjusting the arc and spray radius is remarkably simple too.

Features and Benefits

    • Full arc adjustment-Arc adjusts from 0°—360°
    • Easy "coin edge" grip- Just twist the edges with your fingers to adjust the arc
    • Color coded radius-Simplifies and speeds the process of selection inventory management
    • Color coded left arc edge indicator-Ensures adjustment accuracy, adjustment can be made with the water on or off
    • Engineered three piece design-Keeps the nozzle flush to the sprinkler body when retracted more than other brands
    • Captured stainless steel adjustment screw- Provides a precise radius adjustment up to 20%
    • Stop feature-Prevents nozzle over-rotation of the cap during adjustment and prevents nozzle arc from slipping during operation
    • Blue filter screen (.02 x .02)-Keeps nozzles from clogging
    • Interfaces-Fits all Hydro-Rain®, Rain Bird®, and Hunter® spray head