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Recessed Outdoor LIght Kits

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Price: $319.99

DEKOR™ - Exterior LED Light Kit

This Outdoor Recessed Light kit contains:

(8) LED Light Elements in your choice of Stair or Down configuration
(8) LED Housings in your choice of 4 different colors
(8) LED Diffuser Discs with adhesive back
(16) Outdoor UL approved Gel Filled Wire Nuts
(1) Custom Ground Forstner Bit
(1) EZ Outdoor Waterproof Power Driver (2.5 amp, 30 watt) with the capacity to light (40) LED Light Elements
(1) Dusk to Dawn Timer with variable timed off settings
(1) Installation Instructions

Wire is not included as each project is unique. 

Recessed Light Specs:
Width of bezel 1-1/4"
Mounting hole diameter .900"
Mounting hole depth 1"
Length of wire pigtail 6'