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BIGMAX LED Retaining Wall Light

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Price: $80.85

This curved LED retaining wall light is capable of projecting a high output 120 degree swath of light at an unparalleled energy efficient performance of 1.9 watts per unit, meaning you use fewer fixtures and consume less power. It gives off Dekor's signature smooth 3200 Kelvin color with the softness of white and the warm glow of a slight yellow. These LED lighting units are waterproof and housed in sturdily built robust die cast aluminum fixtures that are corrosion-reistant, and are protected by an extremely strong polycarbonate UV stable lens guaranteed not to yellow with time or environment. Add elegance and personality to your home with these Dekor LED retaining wall lights by facing them downwards for walkways and shrubbery or straight into the air to light the side of a house.


  • Big Max 6" retaining wall light
  • L-shaped bracket
  • Outdoor wire nuts