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Drip irrigation or spray irrigation for shrubs and flower beds?

The Difference Between Drip Irrigation and Spray Irrigation for Flower Beds and Shrubs

Spray irrigation is great for large plantings of flowers or perennials.  It covers a large area of space, but sometimes you can end up watering areas you don't need to.  Blockage can also be a problem with spray irrigation because large shrubs can prevent the spray from reaching other smaller plants or shrubs.  For the reasons listed, water waste can be an issue with spray irrigation if it's not used in the right situations.

Drip irrigation is great for watering shrubs because it is localized watering at the root of each shrub, meaning you aren't watering the areas that don't need it.  Drip irrigation works great if you're planning to use mulch because you can lay the pipe without digging a trench and just cover it up with mulch.  The downside to drip irrigation is that it isn't practical to use for large plantings of flowers or perennials. 

So to recap...

Drip Irrigation Systems:

Pros Cons
Localized watering - less waste Difficult to water large areas
Little trenching required if you're using mulch  

Spray Irrigation Systems:

Pros Cons
Good for large plantings Prone to wasting water
  Subject to blockage


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