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Sprinkler Daddy Says:
Just tap it into the water line...tap tap tapperoo

How To Install A Sprinkler Daddy House Connection

Installing a Sprinkler Daddy house connection is relatively simple to do.  At your outdoor service tap just screw off the faucet.  From there, you'll be able to screw in the house connection.  That's pretty much it.  Now you're ready to run pipe to your swivel manifold system.

Tips from the video:

  • We will usually send your house connection pre-assembled so you know how it goes together.  However, this is not the finished product.  You need to take each piece apart and add Teflon tape to all the threads and tighten everything up.
  • Screw off the existing lawn service tap, which should leave a ¾” female thread for the house connection to screw into.  Your builder may have also run a dedicated line out for sprinklers - that will work too.
  • If your taps are soldered on, contact us in advance so we can help create a house connection that will work in your situation.
  • Take your existing lawn service tap that you removed and add it into the open thread on the house connection.  This will allow you access to water service outside of your sprinkler system.
  • Slide the clamp provided over the pipe and attach it to the adapter coming out of the bottom of the house connection.  Tighten the clamp with a flat head screwdriver.


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