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Sprinkler Daddy Says:
Just screw it all together.

How To Put Together A Swivel Manifold System

A swivel manifold system will house the sprinkler valves and is the distribution system to all the different sprinkler zones.  The pipe comes off the house connection and attaches to the swivel manifold system in the valve box.  Basically the pieces to the swivel manifold system just screw together with rubber O rings.

Tips from the video:

  • The water flows from the house into the house connection and down into the manifold.
  • Poly pipe runs from the male insert adapter on the house connection to the male insert adapter on the manifold.
  • Use the clamps to fasten the pipe to the male adapters.
  • Screw the manifold pieces together.
  • No tape is needed in the manifold wherever a rubber o-ring is present.
  • The manifold only needs to be hand tightened – don’t use wrenches!

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