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How To Draw Your Yard Plan For Sprinkler Daddy:
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In order to come up with the most accurate sprinkler design possible, we’ll need you to come up with the most accurate yard plan possible. Here’s a few tips to help you come up with an accurate yard plan easily and efficiently.

  • Have a look at the sample plan first so you have a rough idea of what the finished product should look like.
  • Print out our graph paper. If it isn’t big enough, any graph paper will do, but we do need it on graph paper of some kind.
  • Take a blank sheet of paper on a clipboard out into your yard. Without a scale or grids, rough out the shape of your yard on the piece of paper. Start with the outline of your entire yard and then add the details inside like the driveway, sidewalks, grass, flower beds, and gardens. Every nook and cranny should be shown so you remember to get a measurement for everything.
  • After you have your rough, not to scale sketch, start measuring all of the lengths of your yard and label them appropriately on your sketch.
  • It’s harder to draw curved parts of your yard than straight lines, so if you have any curves to draw you may want to consider measuring the square distance to a few different points in the curve so that you can mark those down and just connect the dots later. Measuring along the curve won’t be as effective.
  • After you’ve taken all your measurements and jotted them down on your sketch, head back in to start your scale drawing.
  • Starting with a pencil, transfer your sketch onto the graph paper using a scale (preferably 1 square = 4 feet, but if you need to use something different just make sure you let us know what you used). So if one length of your yard was 40 feet long, you would draw a line that stretched 10 squares long on your graph paper.
  • After you’ve got everything drawn on in pencil, you may want to trace over the lines with a thin Sharpe marker or pen to make it easier for us to read. Sometimes pencil doesn’t show up real well when it’s scanned, emailed, or faxed.
  • Once you’ve drawn everything on, label what everything is. House, garden, patio, flower beds, grass, driveway, sidewalk, street, lawn service tap, etc. The more detail you provide, the more accurate we can be.
  • The last step is for people looking for an automatic sprinkler system quote. You’ll need to run wire from your valve box to the place where you plan to locate your timer. You can run it through your house into your basement, into your garage, or we even have outdoor timers that can be mounted on a wall. Measure that distance and include it as a note when you email, fax, or mail in your plan.
  • Finally, take some pictures. No matter how good the diagram, there’s nothing like seeing a picture for a good reference. This will help us make sure you’re getting the best design possible.

Things to avoid:

  • Property reports are often shrunk down and lose their scales, which make it tough for us to work from. They also are not on graph paper, something that is important for us to make your quote as accurate as possible.
  • Anything not on graph paper. When we’re trying to figure out how much pipe you’ll need, we get a much more accurate calculation on graph paper.
  • Drawings that are not to scale. We design our systems using a system that’s recommended by the manufacturers called head to head coverage. If your plan isn’t done to scale, we can’t achieve this for you and you’ll probably be left with dry areas in your lawn.

Following these steps will help make the process go smoothly by allowing us to get your quote turned around to you as soon as possible. We get quite busy during the summer months, so the easier the design is to read, the easier it will be for us to complete your design accurately. You’ll end up getting exactly what you need and everyone goes home happy!

If you have any questions, please email Sean at sean@sprinklerdaddy.ca or call us at 306-757-2234.

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