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Rainbird 5000 Nozzle InstallationSprinkler Daddy Says:

Rain Bird 5000 Series Sprinkler Arc Adjustment

Adjust a Rain Bird 5000 Series sprinkler spray arc with help from Sprinkler Daddy's Sean Stefan.

Sean explains how to adjust the RainBird 5000 Series sprinkler head so it doesn't spray out into the street, into your house, or anywhere where it's not supposed to. Just set the fixed left edge and dial in the +/- arc adjustment screw until the sprinkler rotates the desired amount.

Tips from the video:

  • Arc adjustment is the slot with the +/- indication that will adjust the amount of turn your sprinkler makes
  • Turn the edge to the fixed left edge
  • Adjust the arc adjustment in the plus direction to increase the amount your sprinkler turns
  • Adjust the arc adjustment in the minus direction to decrease the amount your sprinkler turns

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