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Setting The Left Hand Stop On A Rain Bird 5000 Series Sprinkler


Setting the RainBird 5000 Series left hand edge stop of the sprinkler spray can be difficult if you don't know a few things first.

The +/- adjustment will adjust the right hand stop, but you have to manually set the left hand stop. Just turn the sprinkler head with the turrett set to the left hand fixed edge to the furthest left you want the sprinkler to spray. You can then adjust the left hand stop.

Tips from the video:

  • The left hand stop is fixed on a Rain Bird 5000
  • Start with the sprinkler set at the left edge so the turret can’t turn any more
  • Tighten the sprinkler onto your turnseal fitting so that the left stop is matched up with the furthest left edge you want the sprinkler to spray.
  • Proceed to use the Arc adjustment to set the right hand stop.

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