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Sprinkler Daddy Says:
It's not that hard to install your own underground sprinkler system.

Not sure how to install your own underground sprinkler system?

For the most up to date DIY sprinkler videos, check out the
Sprinkler Daddy YouTube Channel.

Below are a few tutorial videos to demonstrate some of the aspects involved in installing your own sprinkler system:


General Installation Tips

Installing and Adjusting Sprinkler Spray Heads

Installing and Adjusting Sprinkler Rotor Heads House Connections
Sprinkler Manifold System Automatic Valves
Turnseal Connections Sprinkler Designs Explained
Micro-Spray Irrigation Drip Irrigation
Trenching and Running Pipe


Sprinkler System Accessories



*Note:  Sprinkler Daddy is not responsible for the accuracy of this information, it is one interpretation of the information available and is merely meant as a guideline.  Always check your local codes and requirements before starting any project and call before you dig.

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