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Sprinkler Daddy Says:
We make it easy to install underground sprinklers.

Turn Seals Help Make It Easy To Install Your 
Underground Sprinkler System

Turn seals make Sprinkler Daddy's do-it-yourself underground sprinkler systems easier to install than other systems.  Turn seals are often referred to as "the 5 second connection" because they allow you to connect pipe to the sprinkler fittings very quickly.

Without turn seals, you'd be left fumbling with tools in the dirt trying to put your connections together.

Tips from the video:

  • Turnseals are used as a fitting for every sprinkler and where you need to branch off a line.
  • Turnseals are called the five second connection because that’s how long it takes to connect two pieces of pipe together.
  • Just screw off the black end and slide it over the pipe.
  • Plug the pipe onto the turnseal.
  • Hand tighten the back end back onto the turnseal.
  • No tools to worry about while you’re installing in the dirt and mud makes things cleaner, easier, and faster.


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