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Wiring Automatic Sprinkler Valves

Automatic sprinkler valves need to be wired to your timer or control box.  Each automatic valve has two wires coming from it.  One wire from each valve is spun together with the ground wire from your multi-strand wire with a waterproof wire connector.  The remaining free wire from each valve connects with a strand of the multi-strand wire and spun together with a waterproof wire connector.

Tips from the video:

  • Strip the ends of your multi-strand wire.
  • Take one wire from each valve and put them together with the white wire in the multi-strand wire using the large wire connector.  This is your ground wire.
  • With the remaining wire from each valve, connect each wire to a wire in the multi-strand wire using a small wire connector.
  • Run the wire to the location of your control timer.
  • Attach each strand of the multi strand wire to the corresponding spot on the timer.


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