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HRM 100 1-Port Manifold

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Price: $8.29
Prod. Code: HYR03100

Features and Benefits

    • Requires no primer or glue
    • Large heavy-duty oring prevents leaks
    • Buttress threads provide high torque capablilty
    • Pressure rated at over 350 PSI and 120 degrees F ambiant
    • True 1" I.D. provides large flow area and less friction loss than Dura
    • Easy access to service valves
    • Compact and efficient
    • Intuitive patent pending union provides a "tool-less" tightening mechanism


HRM Series Manfolds

We live in a world where most contractors still build up their manifolds by hand,using PVC, primers, and glues. The rationale is that it’s fast and cheap. But is it really? Hydro-Rain time trials show that even a fast contractor spends over 13 minutes to build the valve manifold out of PVC. Hyrdro-Rain’s HRM 100 manifold takes less than half that time. During the course of a year,a typical medium-size contractor will waste over 65 hours of time – more than a week and a half of productive labor– going with the “fast and cheap method.” It’s one of those cases where what looks like a savings, actually ends up costing you.