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Rainbird 5000 Nozzle InstallationSprinkler Daddy Says:
When you have multiple radius', is it radii?

Rain Bird 5000 Series Sprinkler Radius Adjustment


Adjust a Rain Bird 5000 Series sprinkler radius with help from Sean Stefan of Sprinkler Daddy.

If you don't want your RainBird 5000 series sprinkler to spray quite as far, just turn the radius adjustment screw clockwise. The screw will turn down and break up the spray of the sprinkler to keep it from spraying as far.

Tips from the video:

  • The Radius adjustment changes the distance your sprinkler sprays
  • The radius adjustment on a Rain Bird 5000 series sprinkler head is the slot inside the arrow directly above the nozzle
  • Turning the radius adjustment clockwise will make the screw interrupt the spray stream – meaning the spray won’t go as far
  • Turning the radius adjustment counter-clockwise will increase the distance your Rain Bird 5000 series sprinkler will spray
  • You’ll want to have the screw interrupting the stream at least a little bit because it will provide a nicer water for your lawn and it also locks the nozzle in place.

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